Installing LED Down Lights in Your Sydney Home

Installing LED Down Lights in Your Sydney Home

Installing LED Down Lights can be a bit difficult and lead to serious problems if not installed properly. We never recommend performing any electrical work yourself. Calling an electrician is the safest and most efficent way to install LED down lights in your Sydney home.

We Do Have Some Tips That Could Simplify The Process Of Choosing Your LED Down Lights:

1. Let’s Start With Two Different Types Of Light That Can Be Installed:
Fixed down lights and gimbal down lights. Fixed down lights fixes the lamp in a locked position thereby limiting mobility of the light so that it can’t be moved or rotated, whereas gimbal down lights have a centre fitting allowing the lamp to be tilted to allow a beam of spotlight to concentrate on one spot.

2. Pick The Location For The Lights.
You need to decide where you are going to put the LED lights before installation. This may be dependent on the purpose of the lights. You can place them under the kitchen cabinets, but can be placed in more unusual places like behind paintings, in the garden, etc.

3. Call An Electrician!
We will do the rest!

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