Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A bathroom fan removes stale and damp air from the bathroom and keeps the atmosphere dry and healthy. It helps to remove bad odour and maintain a fresh atmosphere in your bathroom. It is not a difficult task to install bathroom fan. You can do it yourself in a few simple steps. Remember if it is hard wired, you will need an electrician. You only need to have basic handyman skills to replace a plug in type exhaust fan.

Before you install a bathroom exhaust fan, you need to choose an appropriate fan that has the capacity to keep you bathroom dry and fresh. You need to check the power required and the volume of air it can recycle. The volume of air is generally mentioned in cubic meters per second (m3/s) in case of exhaust fans. You should also check the noise levels and vibrations it can make while in operation. Also, check if the fan you are going to buy comes with a timer or not. The timer helps in automatically starting and stopping the bathroom fan during the day thus saving a lot of electricity.

The bathroom fan can either be installed directly in the ceiling or wall or an inline ventilating system can be used. It is advisable to install exhaust fan directly in the middle in case of small bathroom as a lot of money which would otherwise be spent on ducts and housing can be saved. In case of big bathrooms which are extensively used throughout the day, inline bathroom exhaust fans are best installed. Though these are a bit costly, but it allows the system to dehumidify the bathroom faster.

First of all, the housing of the bathroom fan should be tightly screwed to the walls or ceiling and the motor and fan blades be mounted on it. Now the electrician can connect wires to a switch or an automatic timer that can run the fan on timely basis to save power and keep your electricity bills as low as possible.

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