How To Remove Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Removing a bathroom exhaust fan is not a tough task but it needs a lot of attention. Bathroom exhaust fans are generally installed near the ceiling or in the attic with a duct sucking in the stale air from the bathroom. The removal of bathroom fan becomes a necessity when it starts making a lot of noise and vibration or when it is not able to dehumidify or ventilate appropriately. In order to replace the exhaust fan, you need to first remove it and then select a suitable fan as per the requirements of your bathroom.

Let us see in this blog how to remove a bathroom exhaust fan in few easy steps. At first, switch off the fan and pull down the circuit breaker to remove electrical connectivity. Now open the duct cover of the exhaust system in case of an inline unit. Unscrew the fan housing with the help of a screw driver. Remove every mounting one by one and in the end take the fan blades and motor out. In case the fan is a plug-in type, a DIY tape can be used for better fixing. In case the exhaust fan is hard wired, availing the services of an electrician is a better option.

Check the current size of your exhaust fan and measure its dimensions. Cut out the ceiling so that the fan can be installed in it. It is always a better option to choose a fan with higher capacity as it will easily remove the stale air from inside in lesser time. Smaller bathrooms generally are equipped with a 200mm exhaust fan. But in case of bigger bathrooms that need air evacuation on a higher scale, bigger fans of 250mm should be used.

It is very easy to remove a bathroom exhaust fan from the duct. But if you are not comfortable with performing the task yourself, feel free to contact an experienced electrician to do the job for you.

How To Remove And Replace An Airflow 200 Or 250mm Ceiling Exhaust Fan:

  • Check size of current fan and measure
  • Cut out and choose the right size fan
  • Better to go bigger as it will work better
  • Ensuite or smaller bathrooms should have a 200mm fan
  • Main bathroom and bigger should have a 250mm fan
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