How To Install Floor Heating In Concrete

How To Install Floor Heating In Concrete

There is nothing worse than stepping on freezing cold floorings on a crisp winter’s morning. But like always, ACE has a solution to your chilly problem…

Floor heating is one of the most effective and safest ways to heat your home. It keeps your place warm and comfortable. It promotes a healthy and safe environment inside your house. Among other types of home heating system, this type of heating is way more efficient when it comes to providing equal and enough heat around the whole place while keeping it free from mould.

You might be wondering how floor heating is installed, especially in concrete. Although simple, you cannot install your own floor heating system. This is incredibly dangerous and can cause harm or damage to yourself and your home.

Seek Professional Help
Basically, the first thing you must do is to ask assistance from a local professional to help you with the job. Installing floor heaters is no DIY job. It must be properly put in place to guarantee its efficiency and safety. Since this involves electricity, the best option is to contact a professional electrician near your area such as ACE Sydney Electrician, to provide you with quality and safe installation services. We can help you decide among the many types of floor heating methods would best fit your needs and budget.

Create A Layout
You have to carefully plan the installation. Although, if you hire the services of a trusted expert to do the installation, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore because they will do the planning and will create the layout for you. The layout mainly consists of the design of the tubing or heating elements.

Prepare the Floor
Calculate first the actual size of the whole area you want to be heated. Make sure that your concrete floor is fully cured and that it is smooth, dry and dust-free. It would help to mark the floor area as to where you will be placing the cables or heating elements. Mark the start point, as well as the corners, parameters and spacing intervals. You have to make it a point that the start and end points of the cables are at least 50mm apart. They must be carefully positioned and should not cross over each other.

Position the Heating Element
As you embed the heating cables and tubes over the concrete slab, you have to prepare the power supply cable first. Carefully place the cables in parallel lines while following the layout. Tape them to the floor. Adjust the spacing if you have to just remember the rule of 50mm apart. After which you install a floor-sensing probe.

Test the Heater
To guarantee that your new floor heater is functioning properly, perform some tests on it. You can make use of a continuity tester in doing this. Check the electric resistance of the heater as well to know its energy efficiency.

Install A Good Flooring
After the heating cable is correctly installed, choose a good type of flooring to put over it. You can tile your the floor surface or you can go for a laminate flooring as well. It’s definitely your choice, depending on your personal preference.

Remember, if at any stage floor heating is causing you confusion or concern, we are always here to help. Call 1300 796 500 today if you need professional and experienced advice regarding your floor heating system!

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