How a Professional Electrician Installs Floor Heating Under Laminate

How a Professional Electrician Installs Floor Heating Under Laminate

The installation of a laminate floor heating system can add so much comfort to homes, provided that the right system is set up. There are two types of this system in the market:
1. Low voltage electric radiant
2. Hydronic radiant.

For homes with smaller areas, the electric radiant type is the best option. But for the entire house, the hydronic radiant type of system is a must-have.

The proper preparation of the subfloor and the system itself in the installation process are things that also help ensure comfort in one’s home upon the installation of this system. Proper preparation of the subfloor will involve insulate being set under the floor, while proper preparation of the system will involve the placing of a non-insulated cushion over a part known as the heating element.

One can say that hiring a contractor is a third way of ensuring that a household can gain the most benefits from having this system around. Although many systems of this sort are designed in such a way that you can install them yourself once you get home from the store, hiring the electrical services of ACE Sydney Electricians ensures that the installation is done properly and efficiently.

After all, our electricians use only the best quality supplies when completing this task. They also know what exactly needs to be done and how to properly troubleshoot any problems that may arise during or after the installation.

Here is an overview of the different steps that electricians follow when installing this type of system in a room or house. The orders of the steps and the way each step is executed can vary depending on a number of factors that have to do with the product purchased and the house or room the system will be set up in. As professionals, we never recommend completing any DIY task to your home that you are unfamiliar and unexperienced in. Doing a DIY project can void your home’s insurance policy…

How a Professional Electrician Installs Floor Heating Under Laminate:

1. Warming pads are rolled out and arranged to fit the heated area.

2. Any non-heated area is filled with an underlayment pad.

3. A temperature sensor is then installed, and any lead wires are run from the end part of every pad to an electric box.

4. The thermostat is installed, and electrical connections are then made.

5. The system is then glued to the subfloor, and the laminate glued to the system.

6. The covering of the flooring is then installed following manufacturer instructions.

Having this type of system set up in your home or in a room of your home means the absence of ugly radiators in homes, which, in turn, means a space can be freed up for other things. This system is also great for homes because it is a more efficient means of warming a room: it gives off more pleasant heat than the ordinary radiator, emits heat gently, and does not waste any heat at all.

But while this kind of heater is great with laminates, there are certain laminates that aren’t compatible with it. For this reason, it’s best that you ask the maker of the flooring or heater before getting the latter set up in your home by the electrician.

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