Home Wi-Fi VS Hotspot

The internet is a great resource. I mean what can’t you do or find online? There are two types of Wi-Fi that helps you get online: Home Wi-Fi and Hotspots.

Home Wifi

Home Wi-Fi allows you connect to the internet in the privacy of your own home, so that you can download and access files and applications with ease and within the comfort of your own home. It is a private Wi-Fi connection which means that no one besides those who live in the household and those you allow to have access to the Wi-Fi can use the network. It allows you to connect multiple devices at any one time within the household which can be quite convenient. As it is a private connection, it less susceptible to virus attacks and device hacking. It is advised that you should configure the router and the network to ensure further protection, which can be done here.

Although it is comfortable to have the internet within your own four walls, the connection can begin to slow down over time. Your internet speed may be affected by interference of other routers and other devices that operate on the same frequency. This can be easily fixed by moving furniture towards the walls of the house and removing devices that use antennas and broadcast on the same frequency. The connection can be slow if you have connected multiple devices but this can be simply fixed by disconnecting the devices that are currently using the Wi-Fi or turning them off altogether. You can just simply connect to the router by use of an Ethernet cable which should allow you to browse and use the internet much faster. It may be costly to set it up at first as you may need to buy lots of equipment and hire a technician to install the equipment or if you try to do it on your own, may take up a lot of time.


If, for some reason, you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi at home and have exhausted all possible options, (and you really have to meet important deadlines and need the internet NOW) you can try to connect to a hotspot which can simply be found at a local café. A hotspot is an area or business with a range that is receptive to a wireless broadcasting device, typically called a Wireless Router.

Although it may be free and easy accessible in comparison to home Wi-Fi networks, it is not without its’ own faults. It is generally accessible to the public, the moment you connect your device to the network, you are putting your device at risk of being hacked or being affected with viruses and malware. Data theft and account theft can occur as the unencrypted data allows for information to be transmitted back and forth between the Wi-Fi Network and on the Wi-Fi Network. It is then easy for someone to access this information and use it against the person’s will as login information to particular sites can be stolen if not encrypted. A VPN (Virtually Private Network) should be used if using a hotspot to get online and your device should also use a firewall when connected to a Hotspot. If several other users are using the same Hotspot and have also connected all of their relevant devices, the speed can decrease significantly as these devices are sucking up the bandwidth. This is not as easy to fix in comparison to a private setting where it would be much easier to disconnect the various devices and possibly reset the router and other apparatus.

It shouldn’t be a hassle to connect to the internet and depending on your needs; you can get online within the comfort of your own home. Each type has its own set of benefits and risks, so choose wisely when trying to get online.

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