Heating And Cooling Efficiency Tips

Picture this. You notice that your energy bill is higher than the usual. You’re wondering what could possibly cause this. You want to find a way to cut your energy costs. So, how do you reduce your electricity costs? What simple ways can you do to make your home more energy efficient?

Among the many appliances inside the house, the heater and air conditioner accounts to around 38% of the overall energy consumption of an average Australian home. This is why you have to be particular about how you manage your heating and cooling systems. With improper and careless use of your heater and air conditioner, you might end up wasting too much electric energy that consequently adds to your electricity bills.

In order to see results right away, it would be best if you start with your cooling and heating system first since they have a big percentage in affecting your total energy consumption. There are a number of ways you can manage your heating and cooling system in the most efficient way possible. Here are smart tips to guarantee the efficiency of your system.

Proper Installation

Did you know that improper installation could result to high energy bills and may shorten the life of your equipment? Yes it does. It reduces the efficiency of your system, which leads to the increase in your energy consumption. Initially, the heating and cooling unit must be properly installed to ensure that it works just right and efficiently. This is an important factor that you must give attention to.

Experts recommended that you seek the assistance of a trusted electrician when installing the equipment. The same with replacing an old and damaged equipment, let the professionals do the job for you so you’ll be confident that your system will work in the most efficient manner. Our electrical experts at ACE make sure that every part of the unit operates accordingly and the equipment is perfectly safe to use.

Seal and Prevent Air Leaks

Air leaks are the leading cause why your cooling and heating system don’t seem to function as expected. The system mainly works on airflow, so you have to ensure that nothing is wasted. Just like with plumbing where you have to prevent and fix water leaks as soon as possible. The same thing applies with your heating and cooling, you need to prevent air leaks before your energy bill skyrockets.

When using your heater or air conditioner while there are open spaces and cracks at your doors, windows, light fixtures and outlets, you are wasting a big percentage of electrical energy. One easy method for finding air leaks is by waving a lighted incense stick carefully and slowly around areas inside your house. If you notice that the smoke blows horizontally, this means an air leak is present. When you find these leaks, seal them off right away as this will help you save not only on energy but also on money.

Cover your windows with the right curtains that will keep a consistent temperature in your house. It would be a great idea as well to opt for double-glazing windows since these type of windows lessen the amount of heat loss. Weatherstrip and seal your doors as well. Use foam gaskets to seal your electrical outlets.


Another effective method which improves the efficiency of your cooling and heating system is by insulating the ducts, as well as your ceiling , floors and walls. This increases the effectivity of the system by up to 20 percent or more when there is sufficient insulation.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep the efficiency of your system is through regular maintenance. When you take care of your unit, you can prevent any future issues and unwanted fees. For best results, you can hire a contractor to perform check ups on your unit. They will be able to detect any signs of damage before they escalate to a bigger problem.

Although, you can do simple maintenance work on your own. For instance, you can check the air filter once a month. If you notice that it’s already full of dirt, change it. The dirt slows down air flow which in turn works up the system making them unable to function well.

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