Fluro Light Repairs to a Commercial Property in Balmain

We had a client ring up in a bit of an emergency. She is a Podiatrist in Balmain and she needed an electrician urgently to come out and repair the lights in one of her diagnostic rooms, doctor’s offices, in one of her medical suite rooms. We call it medical suite rooms. What we found was her troffer fluorescent light which is a recessed light that is part of a T bar ceiling with those Gyproc ceiling tiles which is most commonly found in commercial offices around Sydney. We had a quick look at the job and straight away could tell that it was quite old and the lamp holders that hold the fluoro-tubes in place had actually perished and you couldn’t even get a tube in there. We recommended, since the light was so old, we couldn’t fix it but we recommended for her just to for us to buy a whole new light fitting for her and replace the whole new light fitting because it was just the most economical way to get a good result for her. We replaced that fluoro tube in her commercial office. Got the light up and running that same day so that her Podiatrist that works for her could start using that room and they could get rid of the back look of patients in their head because they could not use that room for the day. So fluoro-tubes are fantastic form of commercial lighting for offices and shops and factories around Sydney but they do need maintenance. They do need the tubes to be replaced. They do need styles to be replaced and once the fittings get old they are quite a cheap fitting and it’s easy to buy a whole new fitting. Replace it and gets lights working again. We fixed her fluoro lights in Balmain of Sydney that same day. She was super impressed with the efficiency of our service and the upfront price she received from Aaron’s Complete Electrical and she said that if she ever needs an electrician in Balmain again she will have no hesitation in calling us to sort her problem out.

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