Fixed Down Lights in No Time

Yesterday, I had a job for Cameron from Waterloo, Sydney. He was having problems with his Down lights. They have been flickering on and off; and constantly turn off for 15 minutes and just come back on. Now, this is a common problem among halogen down lights.

Down lights has been around for a while now so there are a lot that are being installed. What I did was I studied a couple of lights and I saw that he had old iron transformers, which has big, black buttons. These transformers are prone to catching fire when they become too hot. When they get too hot, they have these little thermo overloads that are built-in; these then automatically shuts down the light to allow to cool down. Once the temperature cools down, they are turned on after 15 minutes. Now, these transformers have been banned in Australia because those thermo overloads can cause fires when they become too hot. So once I saw these in Cameron’s house, I gave him the option of replacing those transformers or we replace the lights with LED lights. Replacing LED lights is not a problem since they are exactly compatible with his current light fittings. I suggested to him to use Philips 10-watt LED globe, which looks exactly the same as the halogen lights. LED globes are very similar to halogen lights except that they only consume 80-90% of electricity used by halogens and that they last 10x longer than halogen bulbs, LED lights can last 30,000 hours. Also, LED lights do not get hot, so he did not have to worry about light bulbs blowing all the time. He did not have to worry about possible fires and flickering lights.

Cameron from Waterloo was quite happy when we put those LED lights in his house. He decided to add four more in his living area. So, of course, I called up my team really fast and got them up and working as quick as possible.

We did a little safety inspection of his house. We found that everything was good except for the down lights. I gave him a quote to do the rest of the rest of the house. He is going to proceed with that in the next couple of weeks. He was really happy with the LED lights. I’m looking forward for his feedbacks in the coming weeks with regards if he has noticed a difference in his electricity bill. So if you have a problem with your down lights in your house in Sydney, please give me a call on 0419693141 and we can get those down lights never a problem for you; I’m sure you will be extremely happy.

Just a short note, so you  don’t get confused. When all the drama happening in Sydney with the government insulation programs, insulations installed on top of down lights. Down lights became unpopular and everyone was trying to come out with a solution with compact fluorescent LEDs; however they were not happy with the light output because it wasn’t as good as the halogens. And now, with Phillips’ 10-watt LED, it totally changed the game. Now, these LED lights are not as expensive as the first generations of LED lights that first came out in the market, and the light output matches halogen lights 100%. They are as bright and have the same yellow light as the halogens and they are adjustable and are compatible with any current down light fittings you have. They are fantastic, and if you want these Philips 10-watts LED down lights, then please give me a call. Cameron was really happy and he’s getting his whole house done so we’re expecting lots and lots of clients doing exactly the same thing.

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