How to Fix Common Foxtel Internet Connection Problems

How to Fix Common Foxtel Internet Connection ProblemsAre you currently having connection problems with your Foxtel broadband? We know the struggle. You are trying to send an important email but it seems like the universe is against it. The email delivery keeps on failing. All you can do now is sit and stare at your computer screen while you wait for that email to be finally delivered.

Internet connection problems are inevitable. So if you constantly use the internet for work purposes or even for pastime, it is highly encouraged that you learn how to deal with some of the most common issues you encounter with it. When you know the simple ways of fixing connection problems, you no longer have to constantly ask for customer support which could be time consuming.

The same with your foxtel, proper installation is key for the efficiency of your foxtel broadband. This will prevent and lessen any connection troubles in the future. You may contact ACE Sydney Electricians to do the installation. We have proven expertise in the field and are very well experienced.

Now, going back to that undelivered email. Here’s how you can fix this issue and all other foxtel internet connection problems you may come across with.

Broadband Has Stopped Working
There are three possible causes of why your broadband has suddenly stopped operating. The problem could be coming from a broken foxtel hub or modem, or a damaged wiring or socket or perhaps a broken external part of the unit. You may have to perform an isolation test to help you identify the source of the issue.

  • The first thing you must do is disconnect every part of the equipment that is connected to the phone socket. Once you have disconnected all the pieces, directly connect the foxtel hub or modem to the phone socket. See if the problem continues. If it is fixed then one of those equipment pieces you have removed earlier may be the primary cause of the issue. Reconnect the pieces one at a time and notice on which piece does your broadband stop working. In this way you’ll be able to determine which among them was at fault.

  • But if the issue continues, disconnect the hub or modem from your current phone socket and connect it to another one, if you have. If the problem is resolved, the original socket is at fault. It’s internal wiring may already be damaged.

  • *However, if the problem is still present, we recommend you test another modem. If this works, the fault may have been coming from your original modem. Contact the manufacturer of your unit for assistance.

No Connection

  • If you can’t connect to the internet after many attempts, the initial thing to do is check for a known broadband and home phone outage in your area. If your area is affected with the outage, you will be see it listed on Foxtel’s mass service disruption page.

  • See the internet light located at the front part of your modem. This will help you identify the real issue. If you see flashing red light then this means there is no synchronisation but if you see solid red light, this indicates that the hub has not properly set itself up.

  • Inspect all the connections between the modem and your phone socket. Make sure that all the cables are correctly and securely plugged in.

  • Check again your WiFi username and password. Make certain that they are correct and that your modem is configured with your foxtel broadband.

  • Open an internet browser in any of your devices to check the connectivity. If the situation continues, shut off your hub and disconnect the power cable. Wait for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting your power cable. If you are finally connected to the internet but can’t get access to any of the webpages, reset the browser to its default settings or you may reinstall it.

Slow Connection
This is commonly caused by a bad WiFi signal. You may easily resolve this by troubleshooting your signal issues. But before you do that make sure that all your cables and wirings are securely connected. Also check if they are still in good condition. Look for kinks, knots and damages. If you see any of these, you may have to replace those cables.

  • One reason for a slow internet connection is reaching the limit of your Foxtel broadband data usage. You can check for updates on your data usage through logging into My Account.

  • This may be caused by network outages. If the poor connection is caused by network outage within your location, this problem will be addressed in no time.

  • Check your home phone as well. Test whether you can successfully make an uninterrupted call with it. If you can’t, then we advise that you troubleshoot this first.

  • But if your phone is fine, proceed to running a speed test. Make sure to take note of the download speeds.

  • Disconnect and remove any device connected to the modem. For successful testing, you may need to connect only one device to your modem or hub preferably your personal computer which is connected to the hub via Ethernet. After which, perform again another speed test.

  • If the download speeds are faster compared to the previous speed test, reconnect the other devices one by one. Conduct a speed test with every device. You will notice that once you connect the unit at fault, the connection slows down again.

  • However, if the speeds are slower this time, try using another cable in between the phone socket and your modem. Replace the cable connecting the computer to your modem as well. This helps you identify if the cables are the ones causing the problem. After you have tested the new cables, perform another speed test and compare it with the first speed test you made.

  • If there is another socket available, connect your modem to it. Conduct a speed test again to see if the problem continues or if it has already been resolved. If you have a number of wall sockets, we recommend that you test every single one of them. But if the issues are still present, it would be best to contact someone from Foxtel to help you resolve all you Foxtel internet connection problems, once and for all.


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