Experts Sydney Electrician Creates A Wi-Fi Network That Works, In Clients Home In Sydney Suburb Of Hunters Hills.

Okay, this is another blog post for Aaron’s Complete Electrical, called EXPERTS SYDNEY ELECTRICIAN creates a wi-fi network that works, in clients home in Sydyney suburb of Hunters Hills. Okay so, we had a phone call from another electrical company and they had a client that they could not get her job done quick enough, so he gave me Martina’s number from Hunters Hill. I called her immediately and she explained to me the problem that she had a very unusual designed house and her internet, the wi-fi internet, it just, it didn’t work anyway except in very close to where her modem was. And this is very annoying because all her children all have computers and laptops and ipods that rely on that wi-fi connectivity and on top of that the mobile phone reception in the house was no good, they’re lock in little bit of a block spot. So I came out and I had a quick look at the job and found a way to have wire some data points to four different sections of her house. Now these data outlets I was able to get a hub-like connection with internet at every single port. And the hub like data outlets are the fastest available and they are really stable. A wi-fi network can be quite quick if you are close to it but it’s a little bit unstable so it can drop in and out depending on whether you are using in a marked wave or also the manufacturer’s spec on how stable a wi-fi network is. So we got the hub-wire data network done and she still wants to have the wi-fi so she can have that ability to move around to talk on the phone, or to ipod or whatever people do these days with their technology devices so we got some access points which is like basically an extender for her wi-fi network, the existing wi-fi network and we plug them into the data ports in the three other ports around the house so she had one network but that one network was being transmitted from four different points around her house. So she was able to walk around and be on internet without the internet dropping out all the time. And then, so that fixed her wi-fi problem, now her mobile phone was also in trouble, also I would fixed using the hub-like data connections that we had already installed. We got these antennas from Optus which I linked to her Optus radar and she has Optus mobile phones obviously. So, I, and we planted those antennas into the hub-like data network and now she’s got a booster for her mobile reception so her mobile phone calls goes through the antenna and then through her Optus radar and she is actually making mobile phone calls using her optus cable internet. So Martina was super happy coz It just made her work a lot easier, made the kids a lot easier, they got internet everywhere, the folks are now hooked up to the internet so they can buy the movies. Martina, she wrote on her testimonial that she thought we have a fantastic service and were very informative and helpful and we are able and quickly, efficiently fixed her problem and she will definitely use us again. So, if you have a wi-fi or internet problem that you will need some data outlets in Sydney or in need about a wi-fi set up in your home anywhere in Sydney and you need an electrician to do this for you, please give Aaron’s Complete Electrical a call on 1-300-796-500.

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