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Need new lights, looking to fix or replace broken ones in your Epping Home ? Choose ACE to install lights in your Epping Home : Epping Electrician Light Installs

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Did you know that in Australia, it is illegal for consumers to install or wire electrical fixtures in their homes or offices, even if they learned how to do this by watching YouTube videos or looking up the steps on Google. After all, while electrical power is beneficial, it is very dangerous. It can injure or kill, if not handled properly. It can start fires if it passes worn out fixtures or those that are not properly installed. So instead of trying your hand at wiring or installing electrical fixtures yourself, choose ACE to install lights in your Epping home.

ACE will perform the following steps to ensure that a new lighting fixture for your Epping 2121 home will definitely work.

Removing The Old Light

  • 1. ACE will disable your home’s circuit by cutting power to it. Once this is done ACE performs a double-check of electrical flow to the light by switching it on to see if it stays off.
  • 2. ACE will clean the old fixture and the installation area. A clean area, after all, can help make installation easier and safer.
  • 3. If necessary, ACE will remove the covering of the old fixture to expose the bulb.
  • 4. All lighting fixtures have mounting brackets to keep them in place, so the next step is to unmount the fixture. They will be unscrewed and removed so the fixture can be taken out with ease.
  • 5. ACE will lower the unscrewed fixture to expose the grounding wire, neutral wire, and hot wire. Wires will then be uncoupled., making sure to twist the wiring cap so the wires can be freed from each other.
  • 6. The old light is then disengaged from the wires, by twisting the wiring cap loose. Once the light has been released from the wiring, the current fixture can then be set aside.

Installing new lighting in your home can make a feature of your decor

Installing The New Light

  • 1. ACE will always ensure that your new light is compatible with your fixture. The mounting hardware, in many cases, should fit the bracket that has already been installed. But ACE can provide advice on whether a new bracket is necessary.
  • 2. While working, ACE will check the age of your home’s wires – especially if your home was built before the mid-Eighties. Old wires, particularly those manufactured before the middle of the Eighties, have weaker insulation than newer wires. Wires with weak insulation are more likely to start fires.
  • 3. Next, all coloured wires are joined together.
  • 4. ACE will then ground the fixture. Any remaining wire should be screwed onto the mounting hardware of the light fixture so current can be safely dispersed.
  • 5. The next step is to fasten the fixture to the mounting bracket to secure it.
  • 6. And finally ACE will test the newly-installed fixture. This is done by restoring the flow of electrical power to the room.

For light installation or repairs in Epping call ACE your local electrician on 1300 796 500

As you can see there are many steps invovled. Let ACE, with years of experience and a focus on safety, reliabilitly and providing a cost effective service take care of your Epping light installation and repair.

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