The Advantages of using a more energy effective light globes within your home:

Conventionally, we have four kinds of globe you can use within your house. And these are:

  • Conventional 50W Halogen Globes
    Have the shortest life span, these kinds of globes are inefficient and are hot.
  • IRC 35W Energy Efficient Halogen Globes from Osram
    We endorse these to be utilized within your kitchens and restrooms for this kind have the same level of brightness as the 50W kind. These kind of globes are rated to endure 2 ½ times longer than the conventional halogens and uses significantly 30% significantly less electricity
  • 20W IRC Energy Efficient Halogen Globes from Osram
    Uses significantly 60% less energy and is 75% bright as compared to a conventional halogen. Lamp light graded at 5000 hours* 2-3 times longer than what is available in stores (*5000 hours = typical lamp life which is practically almost 3 years if used for 5 hours a day). Note that the more time any globe is switched on and off the shorter the life. Above the normal life of the globe, this type will save you $27 in electricity expenses.
  • 10W LED Globes from Philips
    Introduced as the initial alternative for halogen lights. And in functionality, this type can be dimmed generally and fits perfectly for redback transformers. Utilize these and you’re on your way to significant energy savings that can reach up to 80% or more. Over the average life of each globe they would help you save $416 in electricity costs (that is $16pa per globe). And they do not get as hot. Effectively reduces fire hazards due to hot halogen bulbs. These kinds of globes have manufacturer’s guarantee of 3 years but had been extended to 5 years in domestic installations. Always providing the feature beams that halogen/incandescent lamps also offer. These lamps life are rated at 30, 000 hours** about 16*25 times longer than most globes found in supermarket racks.