Emergency Electrician in Sydney called to a West Pennant Hills job to restore light and power.

Okay so it’s Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical here again. We had an emergency over the weekend from Georgina at West Pennant Hills. Her power was tripped and would not reset and she was worried about all the food in her fridge going off and the fish in the fish tank dying because the pump wasn’t working. She’ll find the fish tank that needs a pump and a heater.  Now we came out as soon as she called a little early than 2 hours last Sunday. She needs an emergency electrician in Sydney straight away to solve this problem for her. We took the call. We responded immediately almost immediately and got one of the boys out there to sort out what the problem was. Well the first thing we did was unplugged all appliances and worked out which circuit was causing the safety switch to trip. We found that it was the kitchen and laundry power. So I did a few tests and we isolated it to the power point for the fish tank. I disconnected that power point, re-ran a little bit of wire and replaced it with a new bit of wire and a new power point and got it all-the circuit all working. I test it and it was okay. We started plugging all the appliances back in and we found there was an actual problem with her fish tank heater. The fish tank heater, I don’t know which problem came first whether it’s the emergency in the back of the power point or if the fish pond, fish tank heater actually caused that problem and so she had to call an emergency electrician in Sydney. Either way we managed to get the pump working we disconnected the heater. Georgina was very thankful that she found an emergency electrician in Sydney that she could rely on and that I was able to get to her house at West Pennant Hills and fix her- I was an electrician able to get to West Pennant Hills promptly to fix her electrical problem. She was really happy with what we did and straight away after we left she went to the pet shop and bought a new heater for her fish tank. So none of her food went off and her fish all survived easily because we fixed the problem so promptly. So if you have an emergency electrical problem in Sydney please call Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical on 0419693141. Thanks!

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