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Do You Require General Electrical Repairs?

If you need an electrician now, call 0419 693 141 and we assure to be there for you in two hours or $100 off!
If it has wires and need to have it fixed quickly call today and we can get it done for you FAST!
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Energy Efficiency

The Advantages of upgrading to more energy effective light globes in your home:
Conventionally, we have four kinds of globe… Read More

Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboards are an essential feature of electrical systems and modern home wiring. In the earlier days, houses had fuse boxes, but new houses contain circuit breakers instead of fuses…. Read More

Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switches

Safety switches save lives!
Although these devices are known by consumers as safety switches, they are known as a ‘Residual Current Device’ (RCD). switches provide extra protection… Read More

Property Safety Reports

As completely certified and protected electricians, whenever we visit a residence/real estate, it will always be our responsibility to guarantee that your property is safe against fires… Read More

Smoke Alarms

Smoke from a home fire is toxic, only early warning can assist in giving your family vital time to escape a smoke filled room. Also,… Read More


The major advantages of using halogen downlights in your residence.
Downlights that are Halogens, are probably one of the most popular lighting alternative in the market today. But what precisely are downlight halogens and what are its drawbacks and benefits?…
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Landscape Lighting & Ponds

Landscape lighting is a personal favourite of mine…. I love the outdoors…. Warm summer BBQ’s, Beers with the boys, a few wine’s for the Ladies, the kids playing… Read More

Ceiling Fans

Summer Half Price Special Get us to install 2 ceiling fans this summer and we’ll do the third one half price!
How ceiling fans not only cool your body on those scorching summer days but also fatten your wallet!
Ceiling… Read More

Phone, Data & Network Services

Smart wiring can be described as a structure of cabling that is run around a certain site to a number of key locations from the main… Read More

Strata & Real Estate Agents

We work with many real estate agents in the area and have systems in place to keep tenants, owners and agents happy with our services. Here are… Read More

TV, Antenna & Pay TV Services

While some people are facing large scale remodeling projects and need a really great deal of help with this, especially when it comes to the… Read More