Data Cable Installations

We had a call from a guy named Paul Sheehan from Kings Cross. He owns a big, high-rise cleaning company. His company accepts jobs cleaning the sides of high-rise buildings. His company just transferred to a new office without power points and Data and phone outlets where they wanted them.

It was a real time-sensitive type of job. He rang me on a Monday and told me that they were moving to the new office on the following weekend. We managed to check their new office quickly and gave him  an estimate of how much the work would cost. He took the quotation to his boss or to other people that make decisions in his company. They discussed it and called be back, telling me that they had decided  to get the job done. This allowed us to start the job on Thursday. It was two days worth of work. We got all the Data outlets and cabling installed on their workstations. We also got power points installed everywhere, with extra circuits. We also installed patch panels and his telephone system were all pathed up to wherever he needed the outlets to go. We were ready for his IT group to start setting up by Friday. They sort of helped us and we also helped them a bit to make sure that everything was okay. We finished our portion of the job by Friday afternoon. The IT guys kept working over the weekend, and by Saturday they got everything done.



patch lead or data cable



patch panels with the cat 5 wiring in sydney

They moved their office on the same weekend. I spoke to them on Monday and he told me that everything went smoothly. He told me that he was really happy with our service. We ran the cabling to check if everything was installed properly. It is important to run the Diablo cabling correctly and use good quality iJ 45 mex. Cat 5 cable is good if you are doing a large video transfer or you are transferring lots of dialogue between your computers and your servers. If you really need it to be super fast, then you can use Cat 6 instead, but to be hones, the extra expense involved is not worth it, unless you are transferring really large data and you need them to be transferred quickly.

With regards to his power points, we set it up on a server UPS, so that if the power went down, he would not lose all the stuff that have not been saved on his server. We put them on separate circuits and we had safety switches to protect his employees  and surge-protected outlets to make sure it won’t break any computer stuff if there’s a surge on that area.

Paul wrote us a testimonial and answered our survey. Here is his ratings:

  • Courtesy and professionalism: 5/5
  • Technician neatness and cleanliness: 5/5
  • Work area condition and cleanup: 5/5
  • Overall satisfaction: 5/5

Here is Paul’s testimonial, “I rang Aaron because we’ve used him before. He offers very efficient services and can work between the given time frame. He compares to other tradesmen extremely well because he meets deadlines, it doesn’t matter what kind of job it is. Lastly, Aaron has this can-do attitude that he can really do the job for us. The benefits of the products and services he provided for us was, basically, he allowed us to complete our move on time. He did the job quickly. I will definitely recommend Aaron from Aaron’s electrician, to anyone who needs an electrician in the city of Sydney.

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