Damp in the House

Damp is basically the existence of water or moisture. If damp exists in places such as wet areas or under your house, it can lead to serious problems.

The two main types of damp are:

1. Penetrating damp – in which water enters the building through the walls.
2. Rising damp – where moisture from the subfloor makes its way into the house.

The existence of damp anywhere in your home creates a breeding ground for mould. Dampness can be caused by moisture escaping from leaking pipes, rising water in the subfloor and water from damaged windows or roof.

Dangers of Dampness

Health complications that can arise from dampness include the growth of bacteria. Bacteria colonies are known to crop up wherever there is dampness. Excess water damage in a building can be dangerous to people suffering from asthma. Mould from dampness of walls and structures can lead to a wide range of health complications

Getting Rid Of Damp In The House

1. Dealing with Rising Damp

  • The lack of a DPC or a faulty one can lead to rising damp.
  • The piling up of mud against the house and block air vents can also cause this.
  • The solution to the latter is the trenching of the earth back from the walls with a shovel.
  • The best solution to a faulty or missing DPC is the application of a chemical compound on the lower part of the affected wall; this is after the spaced drilling of a long section of holes.

2. Dealing with Penetrating Damp

  • Wet patches on the wall is an indication that weatherproofing qualities of the outside walls is lost.
  • Penetrating dampness can also be caused by leaks in the building plumbing system.
  • A proper examination of the wall from outside which shows a crack or hollow rendering with mould that is green is an indication that the wetness inside is as a result of a problem with the wall.
  • Installing a dehumidifier can be a short time solution to this problem. Proper ventilation of the house will also curtail the dampness of the home. Check the plumbing system whether there are blockages and remove immediately.
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