Changing Light Fittings and Other Electrical Jobs for Mrs. Havgatt

Changing Light Fittings and Other Electrical Jobs for Mrs. Havgatt

On December 10, 2012, I did a job for Mrs. Margaret Havgatt in Eastwood. She required us to change light fittings in her bathroom to something more adequate as her old light fittings weren’t what the customers want or require.

We recommended to her to replace them with IXL brand 3 in 1  heat-light-fan unit. It has heat globes to produce radiant heat to the person standing underneath it. It also has a bright energy efficient light in the middle of it and also a fan that sucks moisture out of the bathroom. The heat-light thing unit can be used as light because the unit we installed has four lamps and can provide light and heat her bathroom up. I also installed the extraction fan to help eliminate molds and prevent damage to equipment due to excess moisture. Moisture is extracted as soon as it hits the ceiling.


the ixl sensation fan / light / heat that we installed at eastwood

The IXL sensation that we installed

We installed the new light fittings exactly where the old one was, leaving no mess on Mrs. Havgatt’s bathroom ceiling. There were no obvious signs that anything has been changed.

After doing the light fittings, we also found a problem with a senso light out the front. We performed walk tests on the sensor by tricking it into thinking it was night time and testing the range of detection for that light. We found that her a sensor was only intermittantly working and recommended it be replaced with one more suitable. We called our suppliers and asked for the most adequate fittings to replace her old ones ( we don’t carry all the different fittings in our van). We gave her a quote and she was happy for us to proceed. We will do the job the day the new light arrives at our wholesaler. The new light will work as intended so no more waving her arms and jumping up and down to try and get the sensor to pick her up and provide light. The new sensor has a better range so it will pick her up and provide light before she even needs it.

As soon as we were done with the job, we did a free safety check on her house. While checking her house, we found several things that needed repairs and replacements to meet the current standards. She asked us to work on her switchboards. Her switchboards were of the old isolated-type and not the new circuit-breaker type. Also, her switchboard’s lighting circuit did not have any protective safety switch; current regulations and standards require installations of safety devices on all lighting and power circuits. These are easy to fix and she said she would get us to do it asap.

Aside from finding faulty switch boards, we found eight faulty electrical points around the home that were either hazardous and dangerous. These things include broken switch mechs and light switches, with cracks around the plate that holds the switch mechanisms. The plate could come loose and electrical terminals might be exposed. We recommended that she have all these replaced and fixed as soon as possible. We replaced four of her GPO’s with new ones because they had massive cracks in them and really were in bad shape.

Mrs. Havgatt also asked a quotation; she wanted to know how much would it cost to run some Data cables cables from the study to other various rooms in her house. We gave her a quotation for this and it is up to her if she wants those cables installed or not. She said she would check with her husband but they would more than likly go ahead in the new year because they had had enough of the slow wifi at home.

After we completed the job, Mrs. Havgatt was very pleased with us. She answered a customer satisfaction survey for us. She rated us as follows:
• Cleanliness and neatness: 5/5
• Courtesy and professionalism: 5/5
• Area condition and cleanup: 5/5
• Overall satisfaction: 5/5

Mrs. Havgatt also wrote that she already hired us before and she was both satisfied on our previous and current works.

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