What Causes False Alarms on Home Security Systems?

While a home security system remains one of the best options when it comes to keeping your household and belongings safe, it can be a source of inconvenience. Particularly when it reports a false alarm. Fortunately, by understanding the causes of false alarms, you can prevent them from happening.

Open Windows and Doors
Programming a home security system while leaving the windows and doors of your home open will usually trigger a false alarm minutes immediately after the process. Detectors on open doors and windows will signal that the code has been broken, causing a trip to the security alarm. Failing to fully shut the door will also trigger the alarm by the time wind or pets manage to open the door.

Faulty or Broken Security Alarm Components and Low Battery
Faulty or broken alarm components and batteries that are about to run out cause false alarms. Many problems with system components happen basically because of neglect. Defects can also arise due to electrical issues, issues with a telephone line and improper installation. Because of these possibilities, you should call a Sydney electrician to check on the alarm the moment you realize that it had been going off at random times.

Security Alarms Set to High Sensitivity
Overly sensitive security sensors go off when it senses the movement of pets and even the rotation of ceiling fans. A licensed electrician can be contacted to make the necessary adjustments. This will ensure that the system is set at the correct sensitivity level.

Other Causes
Unpredictable natural occurrences have a significant impact on exterior and interior alarm sensors. Strong wind and rain can set off external sensors. Spider webs and insects can cover motion detectors, preventing them from detecting anything. To prevent this, make sure you regularly clean and maintain your system. This ensures that the system is free from debris and objects that obstruct the alarm.

False alarms are a nuisance. They can wake you up in the middle of the night, frighten your pets and other members of your household, interrupt conversations and playtime with kids, and make your neighbours think a burglar just broke into your home. Fortunately, through proper installation and maintenance by a qualified electrician, you prevent false alarms from disturbing your peace.

Doing so can also prevent you and your family from being put into an embarrassing situation every so often!

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