Another Satisfied Customer from Parramatta

Hi! It’s Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical. We were called by Josh Izel of Parramatta. He rang us at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, telling us that a tree had fallen over his power; his aerial service coming into his house and it pulled out his consumer mains, which was a cable that comes from aerial service down to his switchboard. When he called us at around 2, we were almost finished with our other work for the day and we managed to reach his house at around 4 o’clock. When we arrived, we looked at the damage and it was a large job and we needed to start straight away and finish first thing in the morning. We worked into the night, running new lines and wires into his house and to the main switchboard.

While working, we noticed that his earth system needed to be upgraded as part of the electrical requirement for our local electricity suppliers. Aside from this, I noticed that his switchboards were in a bad state. I gave him the option of upgrading his switchboard at the same time. He was more than happy for us to proceed with both portions of the job. So we worked into the night to get power back on for him. The next morning, we came back and upgraded his switchboard so his whole house was protected by safety switches.

Once we’ve finished the job, we also noticed that the wiring in some parts of his house was pretty shabby and had some safety issues. As what we always do, we gave him a free safety inspection on the electrical system of his whole house, where we pointed out a few minor problems. We are fixing those faulty wirings in the next few days. He was seriously considering us to rewire everything in his house. So all in all, he will have a 100% new electrical system in his house. That made him very happy, knowing that soon everything will safe and up to standards.

He was really happy with how efficient we worked and how quickly we did the job for him. He gave us a 5/5 rating for tradesman and professionalism as well as for cleanliness and tidiness. So if you ever have an electrical emergency such as absence of power or if your service provider can’t fix the problem in Sydney or in Parramatta area, please give us a call at 1-300-796500. We are available 24/7 to help you get power back to your home.

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