After Hours Emergency Sydney Electrician Saves the Day for Crow’s Nest Indian Restaurant

So it’s Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical here. Last night at about 7 o’clock we received a call from Currie Lovers Indian Restaurant in Crow’s Nest. Crowe’s Nest is a lower North shore suburb in Sydney and he had no lights in the dining area. No sign at the front. Some of the power points in the kitchen weren’t working. His air conditioner wasn’t working. His Epos machine wasn’t working and he called us with this emergency. I personally answered the phone and organised one of my tradesmen to immediately go there. We probably got there 20 minutes after he called to find the restaurant half full of patrons trying to eat their dinner and a chef who was stressing out coz he didn’t have the facility to cook the way he normally does, as efficiently as he normally does. We went and had a switchboard and identified that one of the phases of the main switch had burnt out. This is quite a large job to fix and obviously he had a dining room full of people that he didn’t want to kick out coz he wouldn’t be get paid. Another thing to mention the Epos machine was not working. The owner of the restaurant in Crow’s Nest was very happy when I found a temporary solution that would get the power back on in about half an hour. He was super impressed when those repairs only took about 15 to 20 minutes and we got him up and running. The rest of the time I stayed there a little bit longer and I worked a plan of attack and at time to come back the next day and do the permanent repair. The permanent repair to his emergency electrical problem in Crow’s Nest was very involved, when you shut the power down to his whole restaurant for a couple of hours to perform those repairs and we manage to do that in the morning before they started their prep work so we didn’t  disrupt their business.  Now Currie Lovers, the owner of Currie Lovers was so impressed with the service because he needed an emergency electrician in Sydney at his Crow’s Nest restaurant as soon as possible. We managed to have the power back on within an hour of the call. So if you need an emergency electrician in Sydney please think of Aaron’s Complete Electrical the number is 0419693141 and you can call us anytime 24/7. We are here to help you.

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