5 Benefits Of Upgrading Power Points And Light Switches at Home

5 Benefits Of Upgrading Power Points And Light Switches at Home

Electronic devices usually outnumber electrical power points inside an average Australian home. This poses a great risk of overloading and oftentimes, the best solution to this is by adding new power points or outlets. Overloading could result in property damage or worse fire. So, it is highly recommended that you check your power points and other electrical units from time to time to prevent accidents or any unpleasant events caused by electrical issues.

Are you still using old types of outlets which have been installed since the house was built? Although, old-fashioned outlets are still usable but the thing is they are not as reliable as their modern counterparts. Most of them cause a number of issues which if left unnoticed and ignored, could escalate to a much bigger problem which could even endanger the lives of everyone at home.

If you are currently having troubles with your power points and light switches, it’s about time that you get them fixed or much better upgraded. Replacing or upgrading your electrical power points and switches offers quite a number of advantages. In order to reap all the benefits you can get from it, always seek the services of a highly trusted local expert such as ACE Sydney Electricians to do the job for you. Our professionals are skilled and trained to take on all sorts of electrical upgrades, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Here are the numerous benefits you get when you upgrade your power points and switches inside your Sydney home:

1) Added Safety
Modern switches and outlets such as USB power points have added safety features. Most of them are available with built in surge protectors which could prevent and protect you from voltage spikes, power surges or any adverse electrical conditions. They also come with temperature control which keeps you safe from overheating.

Most of these new outlets can carry more devices compared to older versions. You won’t need to use multiple power adapters or boards and plug in a number of appliances in a single power point. This minimises the risk of overloading and short circuits.

2) Time-Saver
Some of your gadgets, when plugged to your old outlets, take forever to charge which most of the time causes you frustration. But with the modern USB wall outlets, charging your gadgets and devices takes only a few hours or even less. You no longer have to wait long hours just to charge or plug in another device or equipment. You can plug multiple devices at a single time and don’t have to worry about overloading.

3) More Convenient And Efficient
They provide more convenience since you can easily charge your phones and other gadgets directly to your power points. You no longer have to constantly look for your adapters or decide which among your devices should you charge first because, with USB sockets, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously compared to the traditional sockets which usually accommodates only a maximum of three devices.

They are more energy efficient as well since they provide speedy charges and only use a charging current of 1.2A. When on standby, they give less than 0.07W.

4) Improve Home Design
Upgraded switches and power points are designed and customised to fit modern home interior designs. If you want to improve the look of your home, you can do so by upgrading your old switches and sockets with beautifully designed ones. Now, go change that old plain switches and outlet plates with colored ones that match your home decor.

5) More Durable
With the advancement of technology, these upgraded modern units are highly durable and much more reliable when compared with the traditional ones.

5 Benefits Of Upgrading Power Points And Light Switches at Home

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